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Corellia and

This site serves as an unofficial extension of the Jedi v Sith role playing community, and is designed for the JvS role players on the planet Corellia. This site itself is not a location for in-game role play. If you want to join our story, set your navicomputer and hyperjump over to Corellia on JvS.

This site offers our members information from the holonet, access to communications channels, the archives of the Corellian Academy, and more.

Note: Nothing on this wiki is official recognized by JvS or binding in regards to JvS role play, it is merely a reference tool that may or may not be up to date.


Corellia is the home of the Corellian Jedi Order and their academy, the Corellian Jedi Academy. Corellia is also home to the Corellian Engineering Corporation and serves as the capital of the United Federation of Free Worlds.

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