Corellian Engineering Corporation



In addition to all canon CEC designs, we produce the following designs.



  1. Action 7 transport
  2. CR-30 Corellian Troop Carrier


  1. CT Corellian Tracer
  2. CR Corellian Runner
  3. CP Corellian Pulverizer
  4. Wolf-class Omnifighter

Support Class

  1. DP-30 Corellian Gunship
  2. Flit-class Covert Opts Transport
  3. VCX-900 escort freighter
  4. YT-3000 light freighter

Light Class

  1. BC-01 Corellian Battle Carrier
  2. BC-02 Corellian Battle Carrier
  3. BC-03 Corellian Battle Carrier
  4. CF-50 Corellian Frigate
  5. Consular Cruiser Mark II
  6. CR-100 Corellian Corvette

Medium Class

  1. Corellian Dreadnaught Mark II

Heavy Class

  1. Five Worlds-class Star Destroyer
  2. Aurora-class Star Destroyer

Super Class

  1. Assault-class Super Star Destroyer
  2. Last Command-class Super Star Destroyer
  3. Strident II-class Super Star Destroyer

Ground Units

Planetary Defenses

Orbital Emplacements

  1. CEC Super Golan Defense Gun
  2. ST-10l Laser Defense Satellite
  3. ST-10m Missile Defense Satellite
  4. ST-10p Plasma Defense Satellite
  5. ST-10s Slugthrower Defense Satellite
  6. ST-20 Intelligence Satellite

Surface Emplacements

Starship Components


  1. Multi-Ablative Hull Armor

Power Sources

  1. Black Dust I Power Generator
  2. Black Dust II Power Generator

Weapons Systems

  1. Hull Piercing Warhead Launch System (HPWLS)
  2. HPWLS-Starfighter Grade


Tactical Nukes

  1. Mark I
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