Corellian Jedi Order


The Corellian Jedi follow many traditions that are not normal among other Jedi orders. The first, and one of their most important, is the color of their robes. The Corellian's have always worn Emerald green robes, as a symbol of their devotion to not only the Jedi order (Robes) but also to the life as a Corellian (Green). These robes, sometimes traded out for civilian cloths were the quickest way to tell a Corellian Jedi from the rest within the Old Jedi order.

The Corellian Jedi also have a unique procedure within their order when it comes to the knighting ceremonies, as well as their progression to becoming a master. The knighting Ceremony is unique due to the council assembled being asked with the knight in the room, a showing of how the Corellian's choose to stand in front of adversity. This also works the other way as well, showing the knight that the council supports them, and that they have someone who believes that they are ready for the next stage. Now, when a knight becomes a knight, the Jedi creates 12 unique Jedi Credits, or coins, that bear the face of the master. These are given to the Masters own master, his chosen pupil, and family, as a symbol of their advancement through the ranks.

Also, with the Halycon line, the academy had many doors created for the specifics of increasing the use of TK, to continue to cause the Corellian's to train even in everyday situations.

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