Corellian Jedi Academy


New Student Center

*A large, relatively bare room with oak paneling near the main entrance of the academy, the new student check-in offices are where new members of the Academy go to officially join the academy, whether as a student, or just a visiting Knight or Master. The desk is staffed around the clock by either a protocol droid, or a Master of the academy. Here, new members of the academy may request training and lodging at the academy, and receive typical new member items such as a green Corellian training saber or a set of green Corellian Jedi robes.*

Basic Force powers training area

*The Basic Force Powers Training Center was dedicated to teaching younglings and learners the core force powers that they must learn before they are apprenticed. It comprised of a series of classrooms and small training rooms. Students would be divided into classes by age and type of force power, or sometimes tutored 1 on 1.*

Core Force Powers

The Core powers were the first powers a Jedi learned, and directly affected his own body or objects without actually harming or benefiting anything (except for Push, which could be used against enemies).


The most basic Force techniques, requiring mastery over self. Control was the first basic abilities to be learned by a Jedi.

  • Force Speed
  • Force Cloak
  • Force Concealment (Also known as Force Stealth)

Force Sense

The Force technique of Force was included all abilities enhancing perception of the world around a being.

  • Force Seeing
  • Farseeing
  • Force Empathy
  • Telepathy


The most perceptive to the dark side, alter was the last technique taught to younglings. It included powers to create external phenomenon.

  • Telekinesis

> Force Jump/Leap
> Force Pull/Push

Basic lightsaber training center

*The Basic Lightsaber Training Center is designed for beginner classes in lightsaber techniques, primarily aimed at younglings and learners who do not have a master yet. Here the youngest Jedi will be taugh Form 1: Shi Cho, while older students may be given a glimpse of the higher forms.*

*The room itself is almost bare, although there are a number of circles of chairs for classes, and small squares and lines on the floor for marking off fighting rings or working on foot positioning. At one end of the 75 meter by 50 meter room are a number of storage rooms with simple simulators, and every possible type of simulated terrain, as well as lots of other props. High above the floor, there is a glassed off observation room for masters to observe the students without disturbing the classes. There is a solid wall of glass along the far wall, letting in natural light and a full view of the academy grounds.*


*The infirmary looks both the newest and the cleanest of any room within the Academy. It's bleached white walls, seem to glow in the neon blaze of the bright almost spotlights that cover the ceiling. There are twelve movable walls, and 24 cots. The medical droids buzz around checking on all there patients. At the far end is a Doctors office, as well as Master Corals personal office. These two closed off rooms are where the healers diagnose the small ailments that the students may have. The tile floors have a alternating checkerboard pattern between a faded green and white, but due to the constant use, places are more warn, where the tiles are slightly more yellow. The Med's are kept in Doctors personal office, to stop from Students from "borrowing them". Master Coral's office doubled as a Classroom as well. This was were the students received their Healing classes. The room is also adorned with pictures of classic healers, both Jedi and Doctors alike.*

Dining hall

*The dining hall of the academy, located on the first floor, with a large buffet counter along one whole wall and cafeteria seating.*


*The ancient archives of the Academy. This area is forbidden to padawans and learners without escort by a master or special permission of the headmasters. Rows and rows of books and holocrons and artefacts stretch out on floor to ceiling shelves. There are small study areas with tables and chairs nestled throughout the long rooms*

Meditation chamber

*A Meditation chamber was a place where a Jedi could meditate to enhance their powers and their force connection, or to purge and relax their mind. The room was largely bare, with a marble floor, mild colored walls, and colorful mats on the floor.*

Dorm Rooms

*A long hallway, with solid oak floors, and white walls. Along the wall a green stripe runs the length of the hall. Each door is emblazoned with bronze numbers. Inside the rooms stand bunkbed, and two dressers. There is two desks, and each have there own lamps. Each room has its own fresher room, and the droids can be seen coming to clean it all up.*

Training Room 1

*The largest training room in the Academy, about 150 meters square with a vaulted roof and many windows high on the far wall, letting in a lot of natural lighting. The room is relatively bare, but there are lines drawn on the floor marking off tournament rings and other divisions of the room. A series of doors at one end lead to the storage rooms for the many battle simulators, which can be brought out and set up when needed.*

Training room 2

*A 75 meter by 100 meter room designed for battle simulators, with 3 sets of battle simulators installed, including floor to cieling sim screens, movable floor sections for terrain simulation, and more. There are glassed off observation and control rooms where masters can control exact simulations, or just watch their students. An entire climate and lighting control system makes the room one of the most techologically advanced in the academy.*

Training room 3

This is the more single combat training rooms. The smaller room allows for people to practice using their environment to corner and trap opponents.

Third Floor Alcove

*A corner room over the main door to the academy, this small, isolated triangular room is the Raganella siblings' favorite spot for looking out over Coronet City, due to it's impressive view of the city, and of the evening sunsets.*

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