The United Federation of Free Worlds

UFFW Fleets

The Emerald Fleet (UFFW Faction Fleet)


Executor-class SSD - Emerald of the Core
(72) Corellian Tracers


Supreme Commander Michael Korr

The Freedom Fleet


Imperious-class Star Destroyer - Justice
Scythe-class Main Battle Cruiser - Truth
Scythe-class Main Battle Cruiser - Knowledge
(4) Corellian Corvettes
(2) Corellian Gunships
(24) Corellian Tracers
(12) Corellian Runners
(12) Corellian Pulverizers
(12) StealthX Fighters
(12) YT-5100 Shriek bombers

Task Force Delta
Immobilizer 418 Cruiser - Peace
(2) Corellian Corvettes
(24) StealthX Fighters

Crew (NPC's of Kel'Al Raganella)

Admiral Jacen Korr
Captain Will Summers (Peace)

The Selonian Defense Fleet [Third fleet of the UFFW]

Flag Ship

Advanced SD "Shon'-ge-ska" (White Wolf)
under the command of Admiral Norgreg

//Length: 3,000m

  • Heavy turbolaser batteries (100)
  • Turbolaser batteries (100)
  • Ion cannons (80)
  • Proton torpedo launchers (100)
  • Tractor beam projectors (40)

Speed: 65 MGLT//

Support ships

Pelleon Assault SD "Mi'-a-kon-da" (Sacred moon) [Secondary flagship]
//* Heavy turbolaser batteries (100)

  • Turbolaser batteries (50)
  • Ion cannons (40)
  • Proton torpedo launchers (50)
  • Tractor beam projectors (20)//

3 Sythe Main Battle Cruiser "Wa-sho'-she" "Wa-zhin'-ska" "Wa-te'-win" (Brave, Wisdom, Victory)
(3) Heavy turbolaser batteries
(6) Turbolaser batteries
(2) Ion cannon batteries
(4) Proton torpedo/Tactical Nuclear Missile batteries (160 warheads)
(2) Tractor beam batteries

3 Corellian Corvettes "Sho-sho'-ka" "Wa-po'-ga" "Pa'sun" (Osprey, Grey Owl, Eagle)
(8) Taim & Bak H9 dual turbolaser turret
(4) AG-2G Quad laser cannons
(2) Proton torpedo launcher

3 YZ900 freighters "Raw-zi'" "Raw-tu'" "Wa-shu'-dse" (Sunflower, Violet, Wild Rose)
(2) Duel Turbolaser batteries
(2) Twin Laser Cannons
(4) Concussion missile launchers (two fore, two aft)

48 Corellian Tracers [Gateway, River, Ocean, Arch squadrons (in higher training order)]

24 Corellian Pulverizers [Storm, Hurricane squadrons]

Crew (NPC's of Dunta Coral)

Admiral Norgreg -Drall
General Vissica- Selonian
Ensine Johz - Corellian
Com-Officer Halycc - Selonian

Camelot Fleet (Centerpoint Defense Fleet)


Mammoth-Class Star Destroyer [King Arthur]
Under the command of Admiral Rain

Support ships

3x Eradicator-Class Assault Ships [-Galahad, Lancelot, Gawain]
6x Inferno-Class Assault Frigates [Percivale, Lionell, Tristram, Gareth, Bedivere, Bleoberis]
9x Tiger-Class Interceptor Frigates [La Cote, Lucan, Palomedes, Lamorak, Bors, Safer, Pelleas, Kay, Ector]
12x Defiance Assault Bombers
12x Hunter Assault Fighters
48x Invader Starfighters

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